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your authentic, hands-on, intimate cooking class in Barcelona



We source local, seasonal and organic ingredients and turn them into fresh, delicious meals to be shared and enjoyed. We love our city and it's culture and work to protect and promote it in sustainable ways. We cook, serve, teach and talk really good food.

What people say about us...

Alberto and Ella were wonderful teachers and hosts and super generous with their time and knowledge. Starting at the Boquería to collect the produce was an awesome addition to the class. The food was extraordinarily delicious and the space was beautiful. Thanks so much for the best part of our visit to Barcelona!
— Tom S
A truly wonderful day with Alberto and Ella. They are great hosts who created a fabulous experience for our group sharing their love of cooking and teaching new ideas and techniques. The food we cooked was made from local seasonal produce, was full of flavour and accompanied with local organic wines. All in all a memorable day and a not to be missed experience if you are in Barcelona
It was the best thing i ever did in Barcelona, as well as buying and eating tons of good food, Ella and Alberto actually taught us how to make it! We were given many special tips about La Boquería, what kind of seafood and vegetables are in season and how to purchase them by looking at the condition of the fish. During the class it wasn’t like a watch and cook show without knowing how to specifically cook the dish, it was 100% hands on and rewarding for anyone who wants to cook!
— Arthur N
The best thing about this experience was Ella and Alberto’s joy in teaching others, their love of food and ability to communicate it. We would love to return for another market and cooking experience. Outstanding!
— Carla B