HOLA! We are Bear on Bike.

5 years ago we left our homelands of Melbourne, Australia and VENETO, ITALY and headed for Spain in search of adventure.

We met at a foodie event and the rest, as they say, is awesome. We held classes and dinners in our beautiful apartment in El Born for several years and loved it so much that in October 2016 we made the leap and aquired our own space. We now have all sorts of foodie fun at our collaborative space Espai EGG, in the heart of Raval

We offer a variety of locally grown and gathered food experiences, from underground dining to personalised tours and workshops. We provide simple, beautiful food with a focus on sustainability and tailor each event with love and care. Seasonal, locally sourced ingredients are at the heart of our project, which is why we nurture relationships with makers and producers who share our passion for honest food.

The Bear came to us when we were looking for something to unite our various projects, which range from produce and nutrition services to eco tourism and private catering. The image of a slow movement gaining momentum stuck with us and continues to inspire our project. That's the official story, but the truth is we also just love our bikes and couldn't BEAR to live without them. Lol.

Sorry about that last bit

Alberto & Ella x